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Be Free!#BlogALeague

Be free

This post is written for #BlogALeague with RuchiDipikaCharu and Preetjyot.

This post was done for the link below. Do visit it and I suggest participating in the Challenge. I loved doing it.
All you need to do is to Post a Blog based on the Prompts provided similar to the First image in this Post.
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Be Free

Whom you see in the jar 
That’s  not only me
There within
In reality are you, she and she!

With walls being glass
We were made to believe
And wrongly presumed
We are free!

Yes, we are free
Only to do daily chores
Wash his laundry
Cook his food
Wait for him to ask for more.

It feels almost like a genie
Having no power of my own
To be out of the jar
Simply as his pawn.

I return to my personal hell
On my situation, I dwell
Thought so long forcibly hidden
Are surfacing into the open

A smile adorns my face
As I think of my kid daughter
I cannot allow her to grow up
Only to be a male fodder

This thought lights a spark
That turns into a fire
I don’t accept it as my fate 
No longer to my fate I retire

The inside of the jar and me 
Are red hot and smouldering
Nothing in the world now
Can stop it from exploding.

This shall make me really free
Trust it also encourages
You, you and you
To follow me and be free.

-Ravindra Kumar Karnani

 Feb 2020

Be freeBroken Jar

Do you want to participate in this #BlogALeague?
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