Love metamorphosis

Loved this Poem big time. Sharing. I am sure you will enjoy it. For more such Poems do visit the original Blog at https://chitkaladitosh.com/

The words untrammelled

You had never ever touched my body
But every emotion more than a buddy

The desires in me had doused their charm,
Now lit sparkled in the dark and sung a song;

My life was still with a lull and badly bent,
Waves of ecstasy danced with contentment;

The feelings soon changed their colours,
Became birds and flew free with no efforts;

Your eyes and love dressed me pretty,
Caressed me and turned into a beauty,

My melodyless life had killed the rhythm in me,
Plucking strings of heart you created music in me;

My naive delicate heart for you was full of trust,
The first true love drop who quenched my thirst;

It lay frozen deep down and it’s you, whom it missed,
Your ray of warmth melted it with love and kissed.

Copyright 2015 Chitkala Mulye (Chitkala Aditosh

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